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              Hectorite: Synthesis, modification, assembly and applications


              Hectorite: Synthesis, modification, assembly and applications


              Hectorite (Na0.3Mg2.7Li0.3Si4O10(OH)2) is a trioctahedral clay mineral with peculiar cation exchange capacity, surface reactivity and adsorption, and easy delaminationin water into individual nanolayers, which can then re-assemble in various ways. The aqueous dispersion of hectorite exhibits exclusive rheological and thixotropicproperties. The paper reviews recent progress in the synthesis, modification, assembly and applications of hectorite. The present methods for synthesizing hectorite are hydrothermal synthesis, melt synthesis and structure-directed synthesis. Modification of hectorite can be made by ion exchangeintercalation, pillaring and grafting. Layer-by-layer assembly, template assembly and hierarchical assembly have been used to formed a variety of hectorite-containing hybrids and nanocomposites such as films, membranes, capsules and Janus nanoparticles. Hectorite and hectorite-derived materials can be used as adsorbentscatalysts, fluorescent reporters, hydrogels, and biomaterials. Literature survey has indicated that hectorite has been successfully used as rheological and thixotropic materials, and are being developed to be used in battery, fluorescent reporters, drug vehicles and tissue engineering.



              Insights into synthesis, modification, assembly and applications of hectorite.

              Hydrothermal synthesis, melt synthesis and structure-directed synthesis to synthetic hectorite.

              Modification of hectorite by ion exchange, intercalation, grafting and pillaring.

              Assembly of hectorite to form functional hybrids and hierarchical materials.

              Emerging applications in adsorption, catalysis, biosensors, and medical materials.

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