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              AMSC GROUP

              Chun Hui ZHOU's GROUP

              ★  Clay minerals, zeolite and carbonate minerals: characterization and analysis; inorganic and organic modification, hybridization and functionalization
              ★  Synthetic clay minerals, molecular sieves, hydrotalcite, Layered Double Hydroxide(LDH), and mineral nanomaterials; solid acid catalysts, solid base catalysts, and selectively oxidative nanocatalysts, which are based on non-metallic minerals.
              ★ Clean industrial mineral processing, efficient utilization of non-metallic minerals and product upgrading.
              ★ Mineral-based biological, medical, optical, electronic, magnetic materials.
              ★ Transformation of biomass, and catalytic conversion of glycerol;
              ★ Scientific and technical consultation, engineering design and analysis on industrial minerals projects;  quality control and testing  of industrial minerals and related  products.

              AMSC 课题组 2018.9.17合影

              Prof. Chun Hui ZHOU

              clay@zjut.edu.cn   chc.zhou@aliyun.com    qyimcn@126.com   

              135 8806 6098

              AMSC: We Catalyze Better Solutions to Natural Resources (Mineral and Biomass) 

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